Obama and Americans disagree on global warming

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Obama and Democrats running against the will of the people on energy and global warming
By Tom Randall
  If there were ever any doubt, a recent Rasmussen poll confirms that the vast majority of Americans are against any energy measure that would increase costs to "stop" global warming.
By a margin of 71 percent to 21 percent,  Americans say creating jobs is more important than taking any steps to stop global warming.  The numbers are remarkably similar for all age groups, both men and women, all races and those who self-identify as Republican, Democrat and "other".
When asked how much they would be willing to pay in higher taxes/utility costs per year to stop global warming respondents were, once again remarkably similar across demographic groups: 52 percent want to spend nothing, 20 percent said they'd be willing to pay an extra $100, 12 percent said $300, 6 percent said $500, 3 percent said $1,000, and only 3 percent said $1,000+.  While Democrats were slightly more willing to spend something to stop global warming, "others" tied with Republicans at 57 percent willing to spend nothing.
Comment:  This issue is like so many others — voters are diametrically opposed to Obama and Democratic policy.  It is increasingly obvious that Republicans should stick by their conservative guns and not "run to the center," as Democrats would love to have them do.
Comment:  You may be able to fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but it appears Obama and the global warming alarmists aren't fooling many any more.
Comment: Pending cap-and-trade legislation would be the largest tax increase in history.

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