Keeping a crisis from going to waste

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Obama administration in the Gulf: keeping a crisis from going to waste
By Tom Randall

"Well, the government's been in control from the beginning," White House energy and environment Czar Carol Browner, told NBC's David Gregory over the weekend involving the BP Amoco oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. "The president's been in control from the beginning.  The rig fell on April 22nd.  A number of us joined the president in the Oval Office that evening to fully brief him."
Normally, we tend to disbelieve any word Ms Browner, a committed socialist, says.  But this time it appears she actually let the truth slip out.
It depends on the meaning of the word "control" and, in this case, it does not mean mitigating the effects of the leak —   exactly the opposite.  It means maximizing the crisis in order to maximize the power and control of the central government.  It's about advancing socialism.
What the Obama administration has already done to maximize the crisis:
            √ It did absolutely nothing to mitigate the disaster for several weeks, just stood back and left it alone.
        √ It sent in the Coast Guard to make a show of doing something.  The Coast Guard Commandant said publicly they had no ability to deal with the leak or its effects.
            √ It referred Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindals's request to protect sensitive marshes with earthen berms to the notoriously inept Corps of Engineers, where it still languishes to         this day because the required environmental impact study has not been done.
            √ It refused to use or even acknowledge the existence of centrifuges that can separate water and oil.
        √ It has stopped all new deep water drilling permits.

What they are in the process of doing:
            √ Distancing themselves from their own involvement, including their approval of all of BP's drilling decisions.
            √ Planning criminal prosecutions for actions resulting from those approved decisions.
Looming in the future:
            √ BP may be forced to divest itself of Amoco which will then be nationalized.  This will widen the rift between the  White House and Great Britain.
        √ All offshore drilling production may be halted while new regulations are developed.  Retrofitting all wells could be included.
            √ Companies involved with the leak may be forced into bankruptcy.
        √ As oil prices soar, the administration will attempt to pass a tax quadrupling the prices of all petroleum products to curtail consumption.
        √ The new tax will not be passed but the resulting economic uncertainty could turn the current recession into a deep depression.   
        √ The Democratic Party could conceivably split between its socialist far-left and old-line moderates.
If any of this seems far-fetched, look at the history of other recent government-generated crises.  In the words of Rahm Emanuel, "Never waste a good crisis."  It is also useful to remember that Obama has said he doesn't mind being a one-term president.
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