Addicted to oil? You bet your lipstick!

Winningreen Issue Alert            A071310

By Gretchen Randall

  Four years ago almost to the day,  we wrote about President Bush’s statement that America is “addicted to oil.” Now, on the 85th day after the BP oil rig exploded and oil gushed in to the Gulf, we thought we should revisit the issue.

Gasoline is still near $3 a gallon in most of the U.S. and the country still imports 60 percent of its petroleum needs.  Much of it comes from countries such as Venezuela that are unfriendly to the U.S. but instead of trying to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, America has, in fact, taken steps under the Obama administration to reduce or hamper domestic exploration.

Despite talking about how he opened offshore areas to drilling, President Obama actually closed some areas that previously had been open off the coast of Alaska.  Secretary of the Interior Salazar has canceled leases for oil shale development on federal lands in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado where we have recoverable deposits equal to five times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.  Now with the six month moratorium against new drilling in the Gulf, it seems that the administration is telling the country that fossil fuels are not needed even as drilling rigs begin to leave the Gulf for other countries.

The Administration says if we simply switch to electric or hybrid cars, we won’t need petroleum for our cars, trucks, SUVs, planes and trains. We can’t, of course, but even if we could,  only about half of the petroleum we use is for transportation.

What politicians rarely consider are all the other products in which petroleum is a key ingredient such as deodorant, antiseptics, perfume or toothpaste.  And then there are vitamins, house paint, syringes and other medical equipment such as pacemakers, baby strollers, garbage bags, and candles.  Petrochemicals are also used in aspirin, shampoo, diapers, DVDs, cameras, bandages, balloons, crayons, golf balls and most importantly for women — lipstick!

Comment:  Eliminating petroleum use entirely is absurd and Americans need to be educated on how important fossil fuels are to our entire economy and way of life.
Comment:  Without fossil fuels, ObamaCare could easily ration health care because there’d be no medical devices or drugs to save lives.

Links:   More on U.S. oil reserves at:   To view a map of theOCS that Obama has closed to exploration, go to:

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