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Barack Obama is easily the smartest, craftiest, most effective president of the modern era
By Tom Randall

Barack Obama has easily been leagues ahead of any other president of the modern era in handling his office.
We know that there are many who don't want to hear this.  So many pundits have cited his manifold "errors" that we are all getting used to hearing about them.  Even the customarily astute Peggy Noonan and her colleagues at The Wall Street Journal have lamented at what they call his mistakes, attributing them to inexperience, naiveté, youth, having never run anything nor had a real job in his entire life, even being tone deaf.
Frankly, we are getting more than a little tired of these lame accusations…because they miss the point entirely.
Obama is skilled, savvy, mature and extraordinarily well-trained and experienced at what he is doing: fundamentally transforming America.
To think that he is somehow screwing up is to mis-underestimate the man and to equally misjudge his supporters in the Democrat Party who either share his aims or simply go along on the misguided notion that they are following the path to power.
But there really should be no confusion.  Obama is rushing the fundamental remaking of America as fast as he can.
            • He has set nationalized health care in motion.
            • His healthcare plan, if unchecked, will destroy the insurance industry.
            • He has nationalized a large segment of the auto industry.
            • He has halted off shore oil exploration making us more dependent on Arab oil.
            • He has created a national debt that may not be repayable at all — or only with great hardship.
            • He has sucked up to our enemies abroad and dissed our best allies, especially the British.
            • He is planning higher taxes, expanded government and restricted freedoms here at home.
            • There is more, the list goes on, as you know…
He is fundamentally changing America, as he said he would…to a new kind of socialist state that too few expected.  A socialism that uses large corporations to its own end, preserving and manipulating them to the destruction of the traditional American economic model of small business, entrepreneurship and personal freedom.  His co-opting of Wall Street, which is the behind-the-scenes driving force pushing cap-and-trade, is a prime example of corporate-driven socialism (the subject of a later discourse).
Obama, who really doesn't mind if he is a one-term President because he couldn't do what he is now doing in a second term anyway, is simply the tip of the spear for those he has surrounded himself all his adult life: the likes of Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Abner Mikva, Wright, Browner and the rest.
But there are other characters: Rocky Balboa, Howard Beale, Mr. Smith, Rooster Cogburn, Marshal Will Kane, Benjamin Martin and the "Preacher" in Pale Rider.  They are all fictional characters.  But they are not mythical.  Their spirits live in the hearts and souls of Americans.  Well, most Americans, anyway.
They aren't always visible.  But they pop up at Tea Parties, with increasing frequency at town halls, over kitchen tables.  And, on November 2, they can begin to reverse the control of the looters.
Note:  Special thanks to movie buff friend extraordinaire, Bonner Cohen.
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