Mainstream America vs the Political Class

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Of polls, pols and the American people: how Obama and the left have challenged the Mainstream
By Tom Randall

I'm sure they (Obama and the left) don't realize it yet.  Some may never.  Their complete failure to comprehend what the Tea Partiers are all about is pretty good evidence of this.  The election of Barack Obama, the extreme fringe of the far-left he has surrounded himself with and the eagerness of Democrats to climb on board his agenda may well have marginalized liberals in America for decades to come.
As we have noted, there is an amazing uniformity of opposition to Obama's policies that cuts across nearly every demographic group.  It is a uniformity of public opinion that probably hasn't been seen since before Vietnam.
But there is one sharp and yawning divide: between the broad and surprisingly diverse array of Mainstream Americans and the small minority who form the elitist Political Class.
It has become the Mainstream vs. the Political Class.  And the political class doesn't even know it; it may be incapable of knowing it.
Pollster Scott Rasmussen separates the Mainstream wheat from the Political Class chaff by asking three simple questions:
"Generally speaking, when it comes to important national issues, whose judgment do you trust more — the American people or America's political leaders?"
"Some people believe the federal government has become a special interest group that looks out primarily for its own interests.  Has the federal government become a special interest group?"
"Do government and big business often work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors?"
Of course, we all know the right and wrong (read that left) answers to these questions.  Answer two or more in favor of the people and you are Mainstream.  Two or more supportive of government and you are part of the Political Class chaff.
The good part is the Mainstream is made up of the vast majority of Americans from all walks of life and the Political Class is miniscule.  The bad news is the miniscule Political Class chaff is governing the Mainstream majority.
Here is a quick statistical look at how wide Rasmussen has found the gap between Mainstream Americans and the Political class to be:
First of all, and most shockingly, only six percent of Mainstream Americans support the views of the Political Class and only 23 percent think the federal government is ruling by consent of the governed.  Further, 68 percent believe the Political Class doesn't care what Americans think.  These numbers represent an astounding distrust of government and form, at the very foundation, what the Tea Party folks are all about…and the Political Class doesn't get it.
On the issues, the differences, according to Rasmussen, are equally striking.  Fully 84 percent of the Mainstream believes the country is headed in the wrong direction but 68 percent of the Political Class think it is going the right way.
Sixty-six percent of Mainstream Americans think states should enforce immigration laws but 81 percent of the Political Class say no.
On healthcare, 73 percent of Mainstream Americans want the legislation repealed but 81 percent of the Political Class say no.
Ninety percent of us Mainstreamers think free markets are better for the economy than government control but 44 percent of the Political Class say no.
Talk about the party of "no".
You might wonder how the Political Class strayed so far from Mainstream America.  Actually, they didn't — at least not in their own minds.  They live in a world apart from the rest of us — most often in academia or, in the case of the current ruling denizens in the White House, the bowels of the South Side faction of the Chicago Machine.  They have long hid out in the Hyde Park, Kenwood and Lawndale neighborhoods.
Many of them are products of the "Days of Rage", like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, others were life-long Communists like Saul Alinsky.  They burned their own neighborhoods to the ground after the assassinations of King and Kennedy.
They formed the thinking of Barack Obama and his inner circle.
They don't know anything about Mainstream America.  They would be shocked to know what you think.  But they never will.  It simply is not part of their world.  It never will be.
So, now we have had a taste of their world, one formed even before the days when the first Mayor Daley and Alderman Leon Despres did battle on the floor of the city council and the streets of Chicago in the middle of the last century.
If the polls are right, Mainstream America is about to set off on the process of taking the country back from this dispirited, disconnected, elitist fringe of society we call the Political Class.
To do this will require shaking off the all too common complacency of Mainstream American and getting out the vote in November and many Novembers to come.
God Speed, friends.
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