Liberals told me what would happen if I voted for McCain

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Liberals told me if I voted for John McCain we wouldn’t get out of Iraq, we’d get more deeply involved in Afghanistan and maybe even start a third war.

By Tom Randall

Date:  March 28,2011

I guess they were right.  And, I wish I had thought of this little gag but credit is due to  WTMJ 620 AM Milwaukee radio talk show host Charlie Sykes.  But, I did vote for McCain — one of the few Republicans who could not beat Obama — and all those things did happen.  Shazam, those libs must be a lot smarter than I thought.

Or, maybe not...

Comment 1:  It was Obama and Congressional Democrats who told us that the trillion dollar give-aways would keep unemployment from soaring to eight percent.  Can you say nearly 10 percent, Mr. Obama?

Comment 2:  These same folks told us Obamacare would actually save money, not cost trillions of dollars.  Of course only they believed that, if even they believed it.  Now the GAO has identified some of the trillions with more to come.  Well, the vast majority of Americans want it repealed; they may well get their wish.

Comment 3:  While we’re at it, Obama’s NCAA brackets weren’t so hot either.  Picking the four top seeds was not only lame, it was dead wrong.  Bet he’d never be able to decide between VCU and Butler — that would take real decision making.

Comment 4:  Can’t wait to hear what he says tonight about his third concurrent war.  Do you suppose Boehner made him do it?

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