Drilling for shale gas is safe

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More evidence that drilling for shale gas is safe

By Gretchen Randall

Date: October 19, 2011

As the Wall St. Journal wrote yesterday, “The Age of Shale has arrived.”  Yet, it almost was derailed because of the concern of environmentalists and landowners that “fracking” — the process used to remove the oil and gas from the rock — would harm ground water.  Fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing, has been used to get oil from underground rock for over sixty years.  The process is used to create more fissures in the deep underground rock to release the oil and gas by injecting fluids containing sand and chemicals at high pressure to keep the oil and gas flowing.

After a recent surface spill of some of the fluids at a well in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. EPA commissioned a study to determine if the fluids damaged the ground waters. The study concluded that the fluids “had only minor environmental impact,” according to Karen Moreau of the New York Post, and that the impact of the fluids was localized and did not harm any wells or nearby creeks. 

This study’s conclusion should spur the continued development of shale gas and oil in various parts of the country, especially the Marcellus area in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and West Virginia.  Over 1200 new wells were drilled in Pennsylvania this year leading to an expanding need for steel pipe, new housing and other supportive industries.  Neighboring Youngstown, Ohio is seeing a resurgence in its steel industry including a new steel mill being built by a French company.  Other examples of what people are calling the “Marcellus Multiplier” effect has ExxonMobil building two new oil tankers at a Philadelphia shipyard employing 1000 people. ABC News highighted Steubenville, Ohio as a city where unemployment may soon be gone as the Marcellus boom expands there. http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/ohio-town-sees-jobs-turnaround-14765506

Even National Public Radio (NPR) has acknowledged the job growth in Pennsylvania due to the Marcellus exploration. There 11,913 people were hired in 2011 at salaries averaging $76,00 a year.  http://www.npr.org/2011/10/13/141139535/gas-drilling-boom-brings-new-life-to-steel-industry?sc=17&f+=
Comment: “The safety of hydraulic fracturing is well-documented, with zero confirmed cases of groundwater contamination in 1 million applications over 60 years,” according to Karen Moreau, a lawyer and president of the Foundation for Land and Liberty.

Comment:  In an economy that clearly needs more jobs and abundant energy, Obama’s “environmental” base continues to drag him left to oppose energy development.  It’s time for Ameria to fight back.

Links: “Fracking gets a clean bill of health” by Karen Moreau at http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/fracking_gets_clean_bill_of_health_4fKUCwH7xxh4EjhKrn8HFI
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