Romney shaping up as just another Obama

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An echo, not a choice: Mitt Romney shaping up as just another Barack Obama

By Tom Randall

Date: October 27, 2011

Barry Goldwater launched the modern conservative movement with his 1964 campaign against Lyndon Johnson and the Republican Establishment.  His campaign promise was, “A choice, not an echo”  — an appeal countering the fact that most Republicans of the day were merely pale versions of their Democrat opponents.  Goldwater lost that election.  However, at the convention that nominated him, a stirring speech drawing the sharp distinctions between American values and the false promises of the left was given by a man who would come to epitomize those values: Ronald Wilson Reagan.  Thus, the Reagan Revolution and the march of conservatism was begun.

Now, just when true American conservative values are once again on the march — this time directly from the the people themselves —  Republicans are being offered a leading presidential candidate who offers little choice from the current incumbent of that office. 

By now, everyone knows that Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare law, with its insurance mandates was truly the model for Obamacare, a much reviled program which 58 percent of Americans have opposed from the start and still strongly want repealed.  Romney has now said he would repeal Obamacare if he is elected but does anyone believe he will really do away with what is, in fact, his brainchild?

Some see this as another of his many wishy-washy flip-flops, another of his attempts to say and do anything to get elected.

We think not. 

It seems more likely that Romney is a true liberal and will do anything he can to cover that up to get elected.  His record indicates this and his recent choices of advisors confirms it.

One of Romney’s top advisors is James Connaughton, former head of the Council of Environmental Quality under George W. Bush.  While there he was notorious for slipping language into White House positions claiming man is responsible for global warming even while his own agency said man was not responsible.

Romney also had as an advisor during his time as Massachusetts governor, John Holdren, who is now chief science advisor in the Obama White House.  It was Holdren who advised Romney to make Massachusetts the first state in the country to set tough restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions while at the same time imposing price caps so increased costs of producing electricity couldn’t be passed on to consumers. Those standards led to an 18 percent reduction in electricity produced in the state.  Romney now believes in applying the same restrictions for the rest of the nation.

So, it would seem that when Romney reverses his stated position, he’s not actually flip-flopping, just flip-talking and would probably continue many of Obama’s policies if elected,

It is probably no accident of history that when Barry Goldwater was igniting the conservative movement running as “a choice not an echo” to Lyndon Johnson, it was Mitt Romney’s father, George, who was Goldwater’s primary opponent running as the Republican echo of the Democrat.

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