How Obama is killing energy jobs

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How Obama is killing energy jobs

By Gretchen Randall

Date: November 28, 2011

We have written about the extraordinary growth of jobs in the Bakken shale area of North Dakota and the Marcellus shale area of Pennsylvania.   What is often forgotten or not discussed by the mainstream media are the jobs that have been blocked by the Obama administration.  The Wood Mackenzie consulting firm has conducted a study showing that by opening some of offshore Alaska to exploration, leasing deepwater areas in the Gulf of Mexico that are now under a moratorium, lifting the moratorium on exploration in the Marcellus shale in New York state and by approving the Keystone XL pipeline at least one million jobs could be added by 2019.

However, instead of actions that would increase energy jobs, below are just some of the actions taken by the Obama administration that have hurt job creation in the energy field:

    √ In February 2009, the administration delayed the issuance of a second round of oil-shale research and development leases on federal lands in Colorado and Utah.  It also slashed the size of these commercial leases by 87% thereby diminishing incentives for companies to invest in new technologies for developing oil shale. (Oil shale deposits in the Rockies are estimated to hold over 800 billion barrels of oil.)
    √ The administration cancelled oil and gas leases on 77 parcels of federal lands in Utah for additional review, even though the lease sales had already gone through the environmental study process. (Feb. 2009)
    √ Made changes to the onshore leasing process with additional regulatory hurdles and more delays. (January 2010)
    √  Canceled the remaining lease sales in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas off Alaska in March 2010.
    √  In March 2010, the administration released its offshore oil and natural gas strategy, including its plans for the leasing of OCS areas in the period from 2012-2017 but took the Pacific, Atlantic and Alaskan areas out of the program.
    √ In May 2010, the administration canceled the Virginia offshore lease sale, which had bipartisan support from the VA governor and the VA congressional delegation. The administration also canceled the remaining 2010 Gulf of Mexico lease sales.
    √ In June 2010, after the BP oil spill in the Gulf, the administration imposed a 6-month moratorium on deep water drilling activities even after all deep water rigs were inspected for safety. This moratorium was struck down in court. The administration subsequently issued a second moratorium and was held in contempt for taking this unlawful action.
    √ The administration has approved only 12 deep water permits since April 2011. The administration has not acted on over 90 exploration and development plans.
    √  The Government Accountability Office found that the administration failed to issue 91% of leases on federal land in a timely manner. The Bureau of Land Management was holding nearly $100 million in payments from industry for unissued leases in Wyoming and Utah in May 2010.
    √ Today the Trans-Alaska pipeline is in danger of having to shut down for lack of a new source of petroleum to fill it.  This is due to cancellation of leases offshore Alaska that would help fill the pipeline and keep oil flowing to the lower 48 states. If the pipeline is shut down, by law, it will have to be completely dismantled.

Comment: The president seems to favor wasting taxpayer money on solar and wind projects owned by his big donors to creating jobs for millions of Americans, many who are his union supporters.

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