Obama delays pipeline approval

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Obama delays pipeline approval until after 2012 election

By Gretchen Randall

Date: November 21, 2011

President Obama decided to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, bowing to his environmental backers who opposed it.  In an effort to please environmental activists and Nebraska citizens who fear a pipeline over the Ogallala aquifer, Obama has asked that another environmental review be done which will relieve him of making a final decision before the 2012 election.

In making his decision, Obama catered to one group of his backers (the environmental lobby) while alienating another — the unions who support the pipeline because of the jobs it would bring to their members.   Estimates are for 20,000 construction jobs in the U.S. to be created due to this pipeline project with many more in related industries.

Environmental safety was mentioned as a concern for the aquifer in Nebraska.  In fact, other pipelines already crisscross the U.S. without leading to spills or environmental problems.  This pipeline would not only bring Canadian oil to the refineries of the Gulf Coast but would be able to transport oil from the Bakken field of North Dakota. (see map: http://www.transcanada.com/5730.html)

Now that Obama has delayed approval, TransCanada, the owner of the proposed project, said it will make alternative plans to avoid the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska in hopes that a new route would be approved.  Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, has said he will now look at sending the crude oil from Canada to China.

Comment: After delaying a decision for three years, President Obama is again deciding against increasing a source of energy from a friendly neighbor, against creating badly needed jobs for American workers and instead caving to pressure from radical supporter of his.

Comment: When it comes to jobs, Obama’s only concern is for his.

Background and links: The Institute for Energy Research lists other examples of delays in increasing domestic oil and gas production by the Obama administration:
    •    An offshore moratorium that continues to cost jobs and revenue;
    •    Blocking oil exploration in Alaska, both on- and offshore;
    •    A new 5 year offshore leasing plan that essentially mirrors the moratorium lifted by public demand in 2008 by the president and congress;
    •    The lowest revenue numbers for new sales of federal oil and gas leases on record during FY 2011;
    •    Pursuing federal intrusion into States’ proper authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing used in almost all oil and gas wells in the US;
    •    Cancelling an oil shale leasing program mandated by Congress until after the 2012 elections – 5 years late in violation of the law;
    •    His policy of “bankrupting coal companies” by every means necessary;
    •       New taxes and regulatory burdens on US energy production which drive investment and jobs abroad; among others.   http://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/2011/11/10/obama-administration-plays-keystone-cops-with-us-jobs-and-energy-by-delaying-keystone-xl/

To learn about more pipelines in the U.S. go to: http://www.pipeline101.com/

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