Tom Randall

Tom RandallTom began his career at  Sears Roebuck and Co. headquarters after graduating with a B. A. from Michigan State University in 1963. During his career, he wrote catalog copy, produced TV and print ads for several departments and produced specialty catalogs. One of his most rewarding responsibilities was as manager of the Sears Sports Advisory Staff, working with stars such as Ted Williams, Sir Edmund Hillary and Gordie Howe.

After leaving Sears, Tom, along with Gretchen, founded a full-service advertising agency, Rank One Communications, which produced a wide variety of print and electronic promotional and advertising material. His company handled print runs of over 50 million copies distributed to virtually every daily newspaper in the country.

Since selling his agency, Tom has worked as editor of Environment and Climate News, a publication of the Heartland Institute. He's written for major newspapers nationwide translating complex policy issues into stories that impact the average reader.

Tom has worked with a number of conservative think tanks giving policy briefings on Capitol Hill, writing speeches for lawmakers and their staffs and researching environmental and energy issues. He has testified on legislation before Congress and state legislatures and appeared on radio and TV including The O'Reilly Factor and Chicago Tonight.