Real scientists' real fear: the coming ice age

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Real scientists' real fear: the coming ice age


By Tom Randall


Date: February 21, 2008


Issue: While Big Al Gore flies around the globe leaving a carbon footprint larger than himself, preaching the dangers of man-made global warming at $100,000 per appearance, real scientists are predicting an imminent ice age. 


 “By the mid-21st century the planet will face another little ice age similar to the Maunder Minimum [the previous little ice age], “Khabibullo Abduusamatov, head of the Russian space research laboratory told RIA Novosti in an interview January 22.  He said this will occur, “…because the amount of solar radiation hitting the earth has been constantly decreasing since the 1990s and will reach its minimum approximately in 2041.”


Other scientists in the U.S. and other countries have made similar observations, Some predict a full blown ice age rather than the "little" variety is coming soon though most are not as specific about the date.  These scientists have speculated that the next ice age may have already begun but we won’t be able to verify that until some years down the road.  They note that before the era of recurring ice ages, the earth had 13 times as much atmospheric carbon dioxide as it has today and the climate was much warmer and more stable.


Comment 1:  Instead of demanding arbitrary draconian cuts in energy availability, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change would better serve humanity if it applied its efforts to determining how much additional carbon dioxide we need to add to the atmosphere to modify or eliminate the coming ice age, according to physicist Gerald Marsh.


Comment 2:  A temperature rise of a couple of degrees would certainly require some adjustment on the part of humans but an ice age would essentially end civilization as we know it.


Comment 3: It is a virtual certainty that in the years to come we will look back in amazement that anyone could have believed Al Gore’s global warming fraud.


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