Democrats restrict fuel supplies to Armed Forces

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Democrats block Republican attempts to repeal law restricting fuel supplies to Armed Forces

By Tom Randall

July 16, 2008

Situation: Democrats, yielding to their powerful environmental lobby, inserted a section in their recently enacted and misleadingly labeled “Energy Independence and Security Act” a provision that denies our military oil from our largest supplier, Canada, and inhibits development of important new energy sources.

The multi-billion dollar special interest groups forced Democrats to insert in the law Section 526 which states, in part, “No Federal agency shall enter into a contract for procurement of an alternative or synthetic fuel produced from non-conventional petroleum sources, for any mobility-related use…unless the emissions associated with the production and combustion of the fuel be less than or equal to emissions from conventional fuel.”

This could mean the U.S. military will be prohibited from using petroleum from oil sands — oil produced in abundance by our largest supplier-partner, Canada. Since all oil is intermingled and a fungible commodity, a lawsuit by the environmental lobby could conceivably prevent our military from supplying our troops with any petroleum products at all. It also effectively inhibits development of oil shale and oil from coal —both with potentially hundreds of years supply — by denying them future markets.

Republicans have introduced legislation to repeal this law which, if allowed to stand, will seriously impact our national security and contribute to higher gasoline prices. Their efforts are being blocked, however, by Nancy Pelosi (R-CA) and her minions in the House leadership.

Response 1: Once again, Democrats are demonstrating how big money special interest groups direct them toward policies that jeopardize our national security and crush the pocketbooks of average Americans.

Response 2: At a time when Democrats whine incessantly about the need for alternative fuels, they, hypocritically, are blocking some of they most viable alternatives available.

Response 3: Contrary to the myths spread by the environmental lobby, oil from shale and coal is cleaner-burning and more pollution-free than conventional oil. If any Democratic members of Congress would like to learn about this, we would be happy to arrange for their edification.

Response 4: Democrats seem to take their energy language from George Orwell’s world of Newspeak, in which “War is Peace,” “Freedom is Slavery,” and “Ignorance is Strength.” Using that language, you would have to say that their energy legislation is “double-plus ungood.”

Link: You can view the Republican repeal legislation at: and search for H.R. 5656.

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