Climate czar a socialist

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Carol Browner is a socialist.  So, what's new?
By Tom Randall
January 13, 2009
Issue: Carol Browner, President-elect Obama's new energy and environment czar, is a socialist.  No, no, that is not a simply derogatory slam from the "far right."  It is her own admission.  Ms. Browner is a prominent member of Socialist International's Commission for a Sustainable World Society (though her name has now been removed from their website, here is a copy of the website before it was scrubbed. browner_si.pdf (834 KB)

The group, throughout its statement of principles, stresses one-world government that would control every facet of life, including the means of production, and ensure equal outcome for all, as defined by that government. 
But this should come as a surprise to no one.  Ms. Browner, who is also the former chairman or the National Audubon Society and was on the boards of the Center for American Progress, the Alliance for Climate Protection, and the League of Conservation Voters, has several things in common with other leaders of the so-called environmental movement: absolutely no interest in the environment; an abiding dedication to one-world socialism in which all control is in the hands of the "better people" (them); a loathing of the United States, liberty and capitalism.
Sure, environmental socialists say they are for liberty and justice.  But, if you look beneath their claims you will discover that they use those words much the way George Orwell used "Ministry of Love" and other Doublespeak terms in 1984.
Here are a few of many observations of Ms. Browner and other environmentalists placing socialism ahead of the environment:
Observation 1:  Under the 35-year old Endangered Species Act over 1300 species have been listed as threatened or endangered, yet only 10 have recovered sufficiently to be de-listed. None of the 10 recoveries had anything to do with their listings. This is because a listing requires designation of protected habitat, where no human activity is allowed, rather than any scientifically-developed recovery plan.  As a result, large areas of land are locked up and the species goes extinct. 
The endangered northern spotted owl provides a typical example.  When listed as endangered, vast areas of the Pacific Northwest were made off-limits by habitat protection for the owl.  It turned out the reason for the demise of this owl was not the lack of habitat but the invasion of the habitat by the more aggressive barred owl that was killing off the spotted variety.  In the meantime, most of the timber industry and many small towns became extinct as they were denied access to the forests.  Environment harmed, means of production controlled.
Observation 2:  Environmentalists claim to want clean energy.  Yet, they pursue forms of energy such as wind and solar which have nearly zero chance of providing significant supply while steadfastly objecting to nuclear energy, though it is 100 percent pollution-free, safe and could be abundant.  Continued harm to the environment, continued control of the means of production.
Observation 3: Environmentalists fervently object to any kind of oil and gas production, whether in the Arctic, off shore, in the intermountain west or the abundant reserves (perhaps as much as the rest of the world combined) in shale. This, even though the Clinton Department of Energy study, The Environmental Benefits of Advanced oil and Gas Exploration and Production Techniques, said that exploration could be done with complete environmental safety. Zero protection for the environment, maximum control of the means of production.
Observation 4:  The frantic world-wide effort by environmentalists to drastically cut energy use, thus reducing transportation and the production of products, even food in the name of non-existent man-made global perhaps the biggest and most blatant example of socialist attempts to control production using an environmental hoax as a pretext.
Observation 5:  These observations could go on forever and Ms. Browner would be at the heart of each one.  We will send more as the days go on.
Links: Read about Browner's socialist ties at:      You can access the Clinton administration study, "Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Technologies" at: 
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