Newsweek: "We are all socialists now"

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Newsweek claims “We are all socialists now”

By Gretchen Randall

  February 9, 2009

Issue:  The cover of this week’s Newsweek magazine trumpets what many have been warning for  a long time — the tendency of America, bit by bit, to become more socialist.  Now, the Obama administration is taking us even further along this path (though the Bush administration also made a huge step in that direction last fall in partially nationalizing the financial system.)  In addition, former President Bush’s action of adding prescription drugs to Medicare also pushed America towards socialism.

In fact, in 2010 U.S. government spending  is “expected to be 39.9 percent of GDP [gross domestic product]” compared to 47% of GDP in Europe.  The French must be laughing at us trying to promote capitalism around the world.
Comment 1:  According to Bloomberg News, we could pay off more than 90% of all home mortgages in the U.S with the amount of money President Obama wants to spend on the stimulus.  Talk about putting money back into the economy!!  With people spending the money they previously paid on their mortgage you’d soon see a growing economy.

Comment 2:  As we’ve often said of the Democrats in control of our government, it’s not about stimulating the economy but about growing government with programs that will be difficult to undue in future years. Read about items in the stimulus bill that take us closer to nationalized health care:

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