Government takes steps to push you into Chevy Volt

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Government has already taken steps to push you into their Chevy Volt, more coming
By Tom Randall
June 4, 2009
Issue:  Our previous discourse covered the, seemingly, insurmountable problems Government Motors faces in trying to sell its purportedly gas-sipping Chevy Volt.  The Volt is the plug-in hybrid, in which the company's predecessor, General Motors, had already invested a small fortune in development costs. 
However, the federally-owned Government Motors has many means at its disposal for selling a car no one would otherwise want than does a mere private sector company.  It has the massive power of government — one in which Democrats control both the administration and both houses of Congress — and wields the power of all regulatory agencies.  Here's a short list of what the federal government has done and might be expected to do to drive Americans out of their cars and into their Volts:
Limit the supply of American oil by preventing exploration and production of oil and gas on the outer continental shelf, in the intermountain west and in oil shale.  DONE.  Interior Secretary Salazar checked this one off the "to do" list in the opening days of the Obama administration.
Continue to prohibit the construction of new refineries by continuing the impossible-to-meet "New Source Review" regulations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. DONE.  This was a done deal when Clinton administration EPA director and Socialist International member Carol Browner was named energy czar by Obama before he even took office.
Raise Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards by about 50 percent.  DONE.  Obama handled that one himself by executive decree.
Enact cap-and-trade legislation and apply it to automakers as well as other energy producers/consumers.  IN THE WORKS. House Democrats have moved the first legislation out of committee with a full House vote planned for later this summer.  Let's hope the Republican minority musters the courage to stand strong and recruits some reasonable Democrats to stand with them.
Add a $5.00 per gallon tax to gasoline. DON'T LAUGH.  Various liberal lawmakers have already proposed several versions of such a tax.
Regulate the rest of the auto industry to prevent the use of advanced high-efficiency drive trains by requiring that all vehicles be hybrids.  JUST WATCH.  This central government administration has already shown it is going in this direction.
Watch out Ford and foreign carmakers. There may be a Volt in your future.
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