Americans are shocked by Obama's Chicago Way

Winningreen Discourse                                        A061709
We are shocked, shocked — shocked that anyone in DC is shocked…but we're from Chicago
By Tom Randall
June 17, 2009

The Chicago Machine is running DC now and you folks are just going to have to understand the Chicago Way. 
The former General Motors, now known as Government Motors since it was confiscated by the Obama administration at taxpayer expense, is now lobbying for a cap-and-trade tax that might help sell its hapless Chevy Volt.  Sure, there is a law against such lobbying but has that law ever been enforced? You know the answer.
So, just follow the chain of events that is typical of the Chicago Way.  First the aldermen…make that congressmen…give the mayor…make that Boss Obama…a big stack of cash to do with as he and his henchmen please because, they say, the world is coming to an end and The Boss must save them.  The Boss lays a ton of this cash on General Motors, calling it a loan.  The Boss is then, shocked, yes, shocked at the shoddy manner in which GM is run so he muscles out GM CEO Wagoner and installs his puppet, Fritz Henderson — in Chicago he would have a proper nickname, something like Fritzy "The Clown" Henderson.  The Clown, now beholden to The Boss for his new position says something like, “Boss, let's turn that loan into an equity position.” 
Shazam!  In broad daylight, before the very eyes of the adoring public, the Boss becomes the owner of General Motors.
The Boss, being a humble sort, says he has no interest in running General Motors.  But, of course, he is running it.
Now the Boss has a bigger agenda, part of which is to pass the cap-and-trade tax on carbon emissions to reward a big segment of his supporters who helped put him in office and contribute mightily to his war chest — the greens.
The greens want cap-and-trade.  So The Boss goes to Fritzy "The Clown" and says, I am going to have my aldermen —sorry, congressmen — introduce cap-and-trade legislation and I want your corporate buddies to lobby for its passage.  Oh, and there is something in it for you, too, The Boss tells The Clown.  It will make your silly little Chevy Volt more saleable because of higher energy prices…and we will also throw in some helpful regulations, too.
So GM, using taxpayer dollars, and their corporate buddies work through their front organization the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, in true Chicago style, to lobby for cap-and-trade.  Nancy "The Muscle" Pelosi and Harry "The Lip" Reed, of course, likewise get their cut of the action by investing in alternative energy companies, for whom cap-and-trade will be a tremendous boon.
And folks in DC and around the country are shocked, shocked.
What the "bleep", we in Chicago would like to know, are you shocked about?
Chicago has worked this way since it was run by Hinky Dink Kenna and Bath House John Coughlin more than a century ago.
Now you have Hinky Dink Obama and Bath House Rahm Emanuel running DC.
And you're shocked at the way things are run.
It's the CHICAGO WAY.  Everybody's making out.
What's the beef?  Get with it.
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