Cap-and-trade controls local building codes

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Now Obama and his congressional minions want to control local building codes

By Gretchen Randall

  June 9, 2009

Issue:  The global warming/energy bill before the U.S. House proposes to  create a market to trade credits for  greenhouse gas emissions from plants, autos, refineries, and trucks.  But hidden in the 900 page bill are regulations on hot tubs, appliances, light bulbs and even local building codes. Title II of H.R.2454 would establish “national energy efficiency building codes  . . for residential and commercial buildings.”  By 2016 new buildings will have to be 50 percent more efficient than today’s buildings.  The bill also requires states to either update their building codes to meet the federal code, adopt the new national code or lose federal funding allowed under this bill.

In addition, this bill would require all residential and commercial buildings including schools and churches to eventually be retrofitted “to achieve maximum cost-effective energy efficiency improvements and significant improvements in water use and other environmental attributes.” 

Even the Washington Post editors have  found these intrusions to be excessive, writing, “Is the best way to achieve that [efficiency], though, to federalize what has long been a matter of local concern? And if the point of cap-and-trade is to change market incentives, why does Congress, and not the market, need to dictate these changes?”

Comment 1: Federal building codes, increased mileage standards for cars, higher appliance standards, takeover of carmakers and banks, limiting CEO’s pay, firing some CEOs.  It seems like we’re living in the old Soviet Union rather than in America.

Comment 2:  Large energy companies thought having a “seat at the table” would allow them to help write a climate/energy bill favorable to their industry.  In reality, as Rep. Dingell (D-MI) always said:  Climate legislation amounts to a huge tax on gasoline and all energy.

Background and links:  To read the bill, go to: and enter bill number (HR2454.)

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