President weaves parallel universe in Portsmouth

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The President weaves a parallel universe in Portsmouth
By Tom Randall
August 12, 2009

President Obama staged a carefully orchestrated meeting in Portsmouth, NH to, as he put it, dispel the myths and disinformation regarding his federal takeover of the healthcare system — a plan which now exists in the form of U.S. House legislation, HR 3200.
Obama, who along with his minions, has dismissed protests of nationalized healthcare as being organized by conservative organizations, staged this one down to scripted questions asked by young children. (Note: conservative organizations would have difficulty organizing a grade school field trip.) Even so, they forgot the teleprompter and out of the mouth of the president came some real gems when he tried to talk and think at the same time.  Here are some of the claims Obama made, compared to the truth:
Obama: He claimed, as he has in the past, that his plan, which we have noted exists only in the form of HR3200, is revenue neutral, not requiring increased taxes or deficits.
Truth:  The Congressional Budget Office, now under the control of the Democratic majority, has said the added cost of Obamacare will be over $1,000,000,000,000.00 (that's what a trillion dollars looks like — lots of digits on the bad side of the decimal point) over the next 10 years.  That's a lot of deficit or higher taxes and it should be remembered that deficit estimates are nearly always grossly underestimated.  That is why the federal government's only two existing forays into healthcare — Medicare and Medicaid — are fundamentally broke.
Obama:  He claimed he does not want a single-payer system and private insurers should be able to compete.
Truth: Throughout his public career, admittedly not that long, Obama has insisted that he favors a single payer health plan.  And, that is just what HR 3200 provides.  After the bill is signed, anyone who tries to change insurance plans cannot do so.  If they drop their current plan, only the government plan will be available to them.  After the fifth year, all plans must conform to the premium, benefits, and provider payment schedules of the government plan. All these provisions will be developed by a government commission and implemented by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  So much for private plans — competition with the government plan will be impossible.
Obama: "We have the AARP on board because they know it is a good thing for our seniors.  AARP would not be endorsing the bill (yes, he said "bill" and the only one is HR 3200) if it was undermining Medicare."
Truth: Tom Nelson, AARP chief operating officer:  "Indications that we have endorsed any health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate." 
Obama: He used as an example of the need for a "public option in health care" the package shipment industry. He said the fact that UPS and Fedex are so successful while the U.S Postal Service is losing $7 billion a year is proof we need government competing with private companies in health care.
Truth:  The truth is you have to help me with this one.  Fedex and UPS providing exceptional service at competitive prices while the Post Office loses money as it loses your shipment is proof we need government health care?  It gives a whole new meaning to "going postal."
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