Getting "Johnsoned" in the 'hood

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Getting "Johnsoned" in the 'hood
By Tom Randall
October 12, 2009
By now pretty much everyone in the country has heard about and seen graphic footage of Derrion Albert being beaten to death outside Fenger High School in Chicago.  He was clubbed with 2x4s, even a railroad tie, stomped and kicked by a band of wanton human refuse that would make rabid jackals seem more civilized.
Just as horrifying — the slaughter, which lasted several minutes, was witnessed by a couple of dozen people who did absolutely nothing. That is not to say someone should have physically intervened; that would likely have only increased the number of dead.  But no one even called 911.  Certainly some in the crowd had cell phones.  The video we have all seen was taken with one.
Actually, except for a few isolated neighborhoods, Chicago is an exceptionally safe city.  Most people in most neighborhoods feel appropriately comfortable on the streets any time of the day or night.  
Those isolated neighborhoods, however, were not always as they are today.  One of them is Lawndale.  Sears, Roebuck and Company (once the world's most powerful merchant — things really do change) was located in Lawndale when I began working for the company.  Lawndale was black then, as it is today.  Black is not the issue and anyone who even hints that is completely wrong.
But in those days, I commuted from the south side, taking the bus up Western Avenue and changing to the westbound bus at Roosevelt Road. I then walked several blocks up Homan Avenue to Sears.  In the mornings, kids were getting off to school and fathers headed for work. Mothers were seeing that all got off well.  In the evenings, families were reassembling on front porches; the air was full of dinners on the stove.  
I'd stop and talk with many of the families on the way. We were casual acquaintances at best, but regular and cordial visitors.
The key word in all of this is "families".  They were all families.
Families teach values.  Families teach dignity.  Families teach respect.  Families teach right and wrong.  And we learn most of this before we are 12 years old.  And the families are now gone. Relatively few exist in these neighborhoods anymore.
Children have children and fathers are nowhere to be found…or at least identified.

So, where have all the families gone.
Gone to welfare, every one.
When will they all return,
When will they all return?

We don't know about their return but where they went is clear — into the maw of the socialist state, into the human cesspool of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society.  It was a welfare state that paid more if the families were not intact, if the fathers were not in the home, if more children were born out of wedlock.
Eventually, these conditions hit what epidemiologists call the "tipping point".  It became the accepted norm to have no nuclear families, no fathers in the home, for children to have children, to have no values to pass down.  It became the accepted norm to accept violence, commit violence, sell drugs, take drugs, take lives, to avoid responsibility, to avoid education.
It may well be that trying hard in school led to Albert's murder.  He did work hard in school — something called "going white".
But Derrion Albert wasn't simply murdered.  The process was longer and more complicated than that.  Derrion Albert was "Johnsoned".
Now we are talking about an even greater leap into the welfare state: socialized medicine that will remove from us all responsibility or participation in our health care.
God save us all.
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