Life on earth to end as planet ceases to rotate

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Life on earth to end as plant ceases to rotate
By Tom Randall
November 23, 2009
The Associated Press has reported that researchers at Iowa State University and Indiana University have detected a slowing of wind speeds over the United States since 1973.
Study co-author Eugene Takle, professor of atmospheric science at Iowa State, told the AP that the effect is very large, as much as ten percent over the last decade.  The study's lead author, Sara Pryor of Indiana University, noted that there has been a jump in the number of low or no wind days in the Midwest.
Now, if we think about this research for just a minute, the cause of slowing winds and their ultimate effect become readily apparent.
The slowing of wind has coincided with the increased use of wind farms to generate electricity.  This makes perfect sense because as we convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy we are reducing the energy in the atmosphere, thus, less wind.
Since the planet must be taken as a whole, and not as separate parts, it stands to reason that as the winds slow, so will the rotation of the planet.
As the planet's rotation slows, so will the changing of the seasons.  Ultimately, the creation of wind farms could well cause the earth to cease to rotate altogether.  In this case, one half of the planet will continually face the sun and become a seared, uninhabitable desert while the side facing away from the sun will be a frozen, uninhabitable sheet of ice, forever locked in darkness.  Life will cease to exist.
Therefore, the only hope for life on earth is to cease building new wind farms and deconstruct all existing installations.
If you believe any of this crap, you probably also believe man is causing global warming.
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