ABC, CBS, NBC, WGN prove irrelevance on climate change

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ABC, CBS, NBC and "World's Greatest Newspaper" prove their irrelevance on climate change
By Tom Randall
  December 4, 2009
Issue:  As the scandal of falsified data, suppression of dissent and outright fraud have swirled around global warming alarmist scientists for the last 14 days, not one word of the strong evidence of the largest scientific hoax since alchemy has been uttered on the old and dying "Big Three" TV networks.
The Chicago Tribune finally, 13 days after the story broke, ran an editorial on page 39, the inside back page of the third section of the paper, criticizing the science involved in the global warming issues.  Then, in the last two paragraphs of the piece pulled an astounding Rosanna Rosannadana style, "never mind," by saying that only a few scientists were involved, the earth is really heating up, man is causing it and we must cut carbon dioxide emissions.  Their rationale for this mind numbing spin was, "you can't argue with a melted glacier."  As we say in Chicago, "go figure."
It should be noted that the Tribune's editorials no longer appear in the customary position at the inside back page of the front section — that is now used for advertising.  The editorials appear on the inside back page of the third section…which the paper now calls Section One.  Hmmmmmmm.
In spite of the inane bias of these media, here is what the current Rasmussen polls show the public thinks:
• 71 percent say creating jobs is more important than stopping global warming.
• 52 percent say there is significant disagreement among scientists on the issue.
• 25 percent say scientists agree.
• 59 percent say it is at least somewhat likely scientists have falsified research data to support their theories.
• 20 percent say they have followed news reports about the e-mails showing fraud.

Conclusion 1:  The American public is a lot smarter than the biased "journalists" who are destroying the old media.
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