Trump administration picks US firm to manufacture COVID-19 drugs now made overseas

by Rebecca Klar
The Hill

“The Trump administration is awarding a $354 million four-year contract to a Virginia-based company to manufacture generic medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients needed to treat COVID-19, federal officials and the company announced Tuesday,” according to The Hill.

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Trump’s coronavirus briefings are chaotic, but the president’s response deserves more credit

by Keith Koffler
NBC News

NBC got it right, amazingly.  April 21st story cuts through liberal bias on the pandemic to point out seven ways Trump is getting actions right:  1. He’s listening to experts.  2. He’s communicating with the nation.  3. He’s keeping federal power in check.  4. He’s trying to balance health and economic concerns. 5. He’s staying positive.  6. He’s helping the states.  7. He appointed Pence to lead the coronavirus task force.

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Fighting our “Betters”, once again

by Tom Randall
Winningreen LLC

Chicago, 2020—In these days, when American history is taboo in many of our colleges and universities and misconstrued by the media, it’s easy to forget why our founders began leaving Europe 400 years ago. The process actually began in 1517, when a Catholic monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses for reformation of the Church to a parish door in Wittenberg, Germany.  He created more than one of the greatest religious schisms in history. In doing so, he also sowed the seeds of the greatest restructuring of society since folks began living in caves— the political reformation. After all, many began to think, if Luther was right that we are all equal in the eyes of God, and He …

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The Rifle on the Wall

by Tom Randall
Winningreen LLC

CHICAGO—The Remington Model 550 hangs, innocently enough, on my office wall above my Dad’s old desk.  It would be vilified by today’s liberals. It’s chambered for quite common but very high velocity ammunition.  The magazine holds fifteen rounds of the stuff.  The flawless action is semi-automatic.  Most damning, if the liberals could comprehend their own false phobias, is that it is styled after the most famous military arm of its day, perhaps of all time, the M1 Garand rifle, the most ubiquitous weapon of WWII. I bought it with saved-up lawn-mowing money when I was 13years old.  Rather than a device to be feared, it way a young boy’s pride and joy. Many mornings I would load it while sitting …

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Green Tides

by Tom & Gretchen Randall
Capital Research Center

The Tides Foundation and Center have long been known as the place where foundations and even government agencies can send their money for re-distribution to liberal activist organizations—including radical environmental organizations—with whom they would not necessarily want to be publicly linked.

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Only in Washington is a cut not a cut

by Gretchen Randall
Winningreen LLC

Neither deficit raising bill voted on this past week, nor the final bill to raise the debt ceiling, contains real cuts to federal spending. All that will be done is to reduce the rate of spending increases. How, you ask, can this be called a cut? Only in the language of politics in Washington can an increase in federal spending be called a cut.

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