Paris climate treaty puts America last

by Stephen Moore
Washington Examiner

“Paris is an unmitigated failure. You don’t have to take my word for it. National Geographic, a supporter of climate change action, recently ran the numbers and admitted in its recent headline: ‘Most countries aren’t hitting 2030 climate goals.’  That’s putting it mildly. Most haven’t even reached half their pledged target for emissions reductions,” according to the Washington Examiner.  

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Oil-and-gas industry prepares legal challenges to Biden

by Brian Dabbs
National Journal

“Flat-out, the president does not have the authority to just ban leasing and development on federal lands. So if President-elect Biden goes that route, we would be in court within hours or days,” said Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Western Energy Alliance, which represents oil and gas producers.  “We would get a preliminary injunction and we would ultimately win,” she said. “It’s that clear-cut,”  according to The National Journal.

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UN Contradicts Its Own Data to Promote Weather Disaster Alarm

by H. Sterling Burnett
Climate Realism

“A new report issued by the United Nations World Meteorological Agency (WMA), titled ‘The Human Cost of Disasters,’  says climate change is causing more frequent and severe weather disasters each year. PBS and other mainstream media outlets uncritically reported on the WMA report. The U.N.’s own data, however, show the claims in the report are false,” according to Climate Realism.

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