Plastic Bags Help the Environment

by John Tierney
Wall St. Journal

“Why do politicians want to take away our plastic bags and straws? This moral panic is intensifying even as evidence mounts that banning plastic is both a waste of money and harmful to the environment. If you want to protect dolphins and sea turtles, you should take special care to place your plastic in the trash, not the recycling bin. And if you’re worried about climate change, you’ll cherish those gossamer grocery bags once you learn the facts about plastic,” according to the Wall St. Journal (Subscription required).

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Who needs Paris when we have capitalism? US had largest CO2 decline on a country basis in 2019

by Tiana Lowe
Washington Examiner

“Two years after President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris climate agreement, the U.S. saw the greatest decline in carbon dioxide emissions on a country basis, according to the International Energy Agency’s report on global greenhouse gas emissions in 2019. Thanks to an exceptional decrease in emissions in advanced economies, global emissions finally flatlined after three years of increasing,” according to the Washington Examiner.

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Trump Administration deep-sixes Obama WOTUS rule

by Bonner R. Cohen

“Putting an end to decades of uncertainty over how much regulatory power the federal government has over bodies of water – from ponds to oceans — the Trump administration has overturned and replaced an Obama-era rule that would have imposed federal zoning on millions of acres of private land throughout the country,” according to CFACT

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EPA’s WOTUS Replacement Rule Another Step in the Right Direction

Competitive Enterprise Institute

“The Trump administration’s repeal of the Waters of the U. S. Rule (WOTUS) last fall was great news for America’s landowners and for the rule of law. The final rule announced today that replaces the 1986 wetlands rule is another step in the right direction,” according the Myron Ebell, Director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment.

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Australian Wildfires Were Caused by Humans, Not Climate Change

by Myron Ebell, Patrick J. Michaels
Competitive Enterprise Institute

“Alarmists have been quick to blame climate change for the recent, horrific fires in Australia and California. Although human actions do bear a large share of the blame for the scale of this ongoing tragedy, the cause is primarily bad management policies, not dreaded climate change. Governmental decisions, made under pressure from environmental groups, have made what would normally be big fires into hellish conflagrations,” according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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It’s Not Just About Cost. The Green New Deal Is Bad Environmental Policy, Too

by Nicolas Loris
The Heritage Foundation

“By shrinking our economy by potentially tens of trillions of dollars, the Green New Deal will cause lower levels of prosperity and fewer resources to deal with whatever environmental challenges come our way. That’s a bad deal for our economy and our environment,” according to Nicolas Loris, Deputy Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Thomas A. Roe Institute.

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“Sue and Settle”updated–Damage Done

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“Four years ago, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce began an effort to document how environmental advocacy groups use the “sue and settle” tactic to influence federal environmental policy. We wanted to understand the impacts sue and settle agreements have on businesses, communities, and state and local governments. We wanted to see who wins and who loses when agencies negotiate with advocacy groups in secret and affected parties are shut out of the process.  Our research showed that stakeholders left out of the sue and settle process often lose and that the states are among the biggest losers,” according to the U.S. Chamber. .

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