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New 1776 Initiative Aims to Counter ‘Lethal’ Narrative of 1619 Project

by Cole Carnick
Washington Free Beacon

Washington Free Beacon’s Cole Carnick reports,”Bob Woodson, a leader in the African-American community who has spent his career fighting to stave off the cycle of poverty and crime, argued on Friday that the 1619 Project’s message—that life outcomes for African Americans are shaped by the history of slavery and Jim Crow—is a ‘lethal’ narrative that perpetuates a culture of victimhood in the African-American community.”

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Green Tides

by Tom & Gretchen Randall
Capital Research Center

The Tides Foundation and Center have long been known as the place where foundations and even government agencies can send their money for re-distribution to liberal activist organizations—including radical environmental organizations—with whom they would not necessarily want to be publicly linked.

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